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Battery Jumper Ferve(Spain)
Flexible Cord F540
Long : 2,5m/10mm2/150A
Premium Class
Strong Cable
Made in Spanyol

Updated: 09 Feb 2016



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3 Drawer Roller Cabinet

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3 Drawer Roller Cabinet

Nomor Produk 123
Tersedia 14
Dimensi (60x40x90)cm
Berat 42000 gram
Warna Kuning
Merek Plat 2mm / Tray 10mm
Harga Rp. 0,00
Tanggal Publish 29 Jun 2013


Overview Produk

* 3 Drawer Roller Cabinet * 60 x 40 x 90 cm ( W x D x H ) * 10mm EVA to tray * 2mm and 10mm EVA in every drawer * Comes with left side tray & left holder tray * Lock & each drawers * Special design for garage workshop * Lockable wheel with Rubber Cadtor * Exchangeable handle (left or right) * Bumper Rubber on concern to prevent scratching * Load Capacity of top tray is 25Kg, every drawer is 12Kg, and bottom plat is 20Kg